The Ghosts of Mr Dickens

This play is a must-see.

Remote Goat

The Ghosts of Mr Dickens was a new piece of writing which toured to theatres, village halls and community venues in 2017. We performed twelve shows across the UK and were involved with three participation sessions.

The play was set during Dickens’ second tour of America, merging fact and fiction: the real characters in his life and those created in his books. We also aimed to produce a classical play without conforming to classical staging.

During his journey across the Atlantic, the renowned author becomes plagued with guilt-ridden visions and visitors from the spirit world. These spirits return to guide (and taunt) him. They accompany him on the sea crossing and throughout his readings.

The Ghosts of Charles Dickens portrays two incarnations of the writer struggling against one another – real and fictional versions of himself; the actual man and the man he wishes to survive beyond the grave.

A triumphant combination of insight, talent and creative storytelling.

Remote Goat
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